Eric Partaker: Achieving peak performance

The Atom Team

Are you looking to grow your business but are feeling burnt out or frustrated that you’re not able to move things forward?  Do you feel that you are yet to achieve your full potential as a business owner? 

In this podcast, Bhairav talks with Eric Partaker, former CEO of the Year, Skype executive and McKinsey alumni who in his 30s suffered a heart attack on an airplane and almost lost his life. 

Eric realised that the path he was going down wasn’t bringing him the satisfaction or fulfilment he wanted as an individual, employee or as a husband.  He used his near death experience to turn his life around and become a better husband, business owner and a healthier individual both mentally and physically. 

Key Learnings from this podcast:

In this podcast Eric talks about:

  • His near-death experience on a flight and what happened.
  • How what really matters to you comes to mind at these times.
  • His early career and how that got him to his near-death experience.
  • His realisation that without his health, he was nothing.
  • How he developed his guiding lights of health, wealth & relationships.
  • How Eric structures his day to achieve peak performance.

Eric’s book The 3 Alarms can be found here.

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