Developing Tech Solutions


Developing Tech

We have our own in-house tech team that have experience in building tech solutions across many different sectors.

Finding technology solutions that will enable growth

We have well over 50 years of combined experience in building technology platforms across a range of industries. We have developed and managed the build of mobile and web applications of varying complexity and are confident that we can work with you to create your vision.

Our experience gives us the ability to design and develop solutions for you that take ideas and best practices from across multiple industries and sectors. Having managed complex technical implementations we can help de-risk your projects and manage them in a way that gives you total control and transparency. We also have an extensive network of partners that we have worked with over the years so can draw on top quality expertise if needed.

  • Working with your teams to understand the key pain points within your business
  • Assessing to what extent technology can solve those pain points
  • Defining the technology solution to put in place and creating an execution plan
  • Executing that plan and developing the solution that is required
  • Managing external resources and vendors on your behalf

Our other services

Setting Strategy
and Roadmap

We work with the leaders within an organisation to set strategy and build an operational model that will support the business goals and needs.


Atom CTO works with the leadership team to create the pitch deck, take part in meetings and be named as the CTO for the company.

Creating Tech

We have recruited teams across the globe and understand the significant cultural differences that can play a part in whether the team you build or hire externally will work out in the long term.

Reviewing IT

Our job is to take a look at what you already have and give you open, practical advice as to whether what you have will work for what you need.

Download an overview of Atom CTO here with our history, processes and basic prices

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